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Questionhere is a bit about us: gossimer (based in oakland, ca) has been described as soothing and eery. its mostly fingerpicking with a wavery voice, stops and starts, accompanied by clickity clack drumming and a guzheng (kind of a chinese harp). we are recording our album now and will be touring with CDs, a letterpress songbook and letterpress/printed posters. we are also going to be released on holy page records, a tape label based out of arizona~~~moving to baltimore Answer

hey jenny! I will ask the band and see if we can get something lined up for you. Can you let me know what set up you need? How much money would you need to make? We could at least set you up with a house show at this place called casa coyote and probably have somewhere for you to stay. I don’t know anyone in Colorado Springs but I’ll ask around.